Jim Moseley meets The Bone Man

A tale of two musical personalities






Jim Moseley aka, The Bone Man performs in celebration of his new Grammy nomination in three separate catagories



By Eunice Kennedy Shriver


From the time I sat on the edge of my seat at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC watching Grover Washington Jr. and Jim Moseley on stage performing together to having the privilege of welcoming Jim into our home in Potomic, MD. to perform at my husband's 80th birthday,  It never ceased to amaze me the diversity of this young mans talent. When I was given a recording of Jim with Roger Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra it brought back fond memories.  While sitting with Jim on the piano while he was warming up for his performance I tried to convey the significance of him playing on this particular piano. It was my brother Jacks piano and he always kept it with him even while he was in the White House.  Matter of fact the entire family enjoyed playing it.  Jackie and the President often sat together playing simple but delightful duets and it wasn’t unusual to find John John on his lap trying to find the right keys.   Jim certainly had no problem finding the right keys while performing Rhapsody in Blue,  but then when it came time for the family to just have some musical fun he broke out his horn and led us through a rendition of When the Saints Go Marching In. That's what music is all about. Just having fun and allowing your senses to just plain enjoy.