By Trenz Pruca



One of the greatest virtues of a great jazz artist is the ever changing thought behind the music.  Music was Moseley’s second language from a young age on into adulthood.  Whereas most kids are finding refuge in video games, Moseley had the luxury of only introspection as comes with a serious childhood illness, such as asthma and bronchitis.  Come rain or shine, Moseley tried to run to improve his lung capacity and health, but what seemed to help most was the trombone and the development of breath control that must come with the desire to execute all of the technical possibilities of the never ending stream of creativity stemming from the musical / creative side of the mind.  “Performing at the Disney had been on my mind for quite some time as I had performed at other wonderful architectual masterpieces such as the Crystal Cathedral.”  Moseley brings many influences to his playing from the late great Carl Fontana, Bill Watrous, Grover Washington and others.  His The Disney Hall brings in a multitude of talent from every musical culture but is known for housing the LA Philarmonic, in which the new Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel has vowed to bring an innovative approach to the LA Phil following the outgoing Esa-Pekka Salonen.